A Cool Gallery of Geeky Car Mods

In general,  cars aren’t really our thing.  However, when you have cars that pertain to famous movies and video games?  That’s another story.   And you know how all of us feel about mods.  On a smaller scale we’ve shown you interesting modifications of everyday household items.  On a medium it might be a gaming console turned to look sleeker or glow in the dark or just awesome.

On a big scale?  You gotta hand it to some of these people who have the skills to transform their entire vehicles into their favorite movie or video game cars.  I’m not sure I’d drive around in the Ghostbusters hearse but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the person who does.

Check out these awesome gallery of geeky car mods….

I don’t know how long it took or how much it cost to do whatever they did to this car (and what car was it originally?) but this thing is 100% pure badass.  I wonder how quickly you’d get pulled over if you were seen in that thing.

More Awesome Car Mods

  • MR

    I was waiting for the back to the future delorean!

  • ash

    Was he ever called “Mr. Pac Man”?

  • Chrystani

    Im not sure if he was called Mr. Pacman…

    But its a lyric in a rap song where Ludacris basically says you can refer to him as Mr. Pacman. Why?

    Because he likes to eat… *ahem* vagina. Can I type that?

    And judging by he car, Im sure he knows the song.

  • D.Sharp

    Maybe in some other countries he was called Mr. Pac Man?

    Total paint job fail if he wasn’t.

  • jaromir

    Some that I’ve seen that weren’t on here were:

    -BTAS Batmobile (this one was pretty sweet)
    -TMNT Van
    -Scooby Doo Van
    -A*Team Van

    Regardless cool post none the less.

  • J5

    Someone needs to tell the guy with the Alien themed car that he drives a PT Cruiser. You could put fully functioning machine gun turrets on that thing and it still wouldnt be cool.