Winter’s First Snow Vomiting Dog


I hate winter.  May I just go on record here?  The temperature has been like 21 degrees every day plus windy here in NYC.  Is that acceptable?  Honestly I really don’t think it is.

If I’m picking warm or cold weather I take heat all the time.  Face it, is there a worse combination than cold, wet, and hungry out there?  Nope.

If there is one decent thing about winter it might be getting to see pictures like this.  I mean they’re one in a million but at the right second it really does look like this dog is projectile vomiting snow like Lardass vomited his pie in Stand By Me.

  • illeaturfamily

    Man I love winter. I live in Cleveland and I love the snow were getting. By the way, if you’re in NYC then be on the lookout for a big ass storm making its way to the east coast. It’s over the lakes right now. I’m leaving work and I’m excited to go drive my subie in it. 🙂

  • Madison

    I hate snow more than Communism. Hate it.

  • To illeaturfamily…..I am from rochester. ny…one of big browns sister cities….i freaking love the snow…i love power sliding through intersections in the downtown its great…we need more ppl like you in rochester to help the assholes here in rochester appreciate the fact that its just not the holidays without ten feet of snow

  • nobodyknows

    We need to rename it Whine-ter for everyone I know is always complaining about it. Or have a sign at the Canadian border saying “Your balls must be this big to enter.”

  • Bob

    21 degrees is summer weather. At least if you are using Celsius, which you must be because no one on the planet uses the imperial system anymore, except lower class ponces.

  • illeaturfamily


    Man I know exactly what you mean. I went to the grocery store across town last night just so I could zip around in the snow and scare my girlfriend haha. It was a great ride. We really didn’t have much snow until after Christmas, so it felt like on off-year. Cheers to you man, throw a snowball for me.