This is What it Looks Like When Jack Doesn’t Cry


No, actually that’s Matthew Fox in Smokin’ Aces but how awesome would it be that if every time he stopped crying his face morphed into this?  Good God does he have to cry every single episode?  What the hell man?

No chance he lands a good role when the show is done.

By the way, who of all the LOST actors will have the best post LOST career?


  • J5

    Every time I hear an amber alert, I’ll picture this face.

  • moe

    The answer is the one who had the best PRE-lost career, Terry O’Quinn who is THE MAN!

  • Erainor

    Michael Emerson. Book it.

  • BSV

    Evangeline Lilly!!!

  • Tim

    Both Matthew & Evangeline has said that they will be taking a break from acting after Lost, I guess to build up their tear reserves… So neither of those two will probably have much of a career.

    I can’t really see any of the other actors doing anything big, but I’m sure we’ll see most of them in various small roles here and there, but I doubt it’ll be much more than that.

  • Tim

    Source of my previous post:
    So I guess Matthew ain’t quitting, but I still doubt he’ll have much of a career after lost.

  • Cal

    Maybe Josh Holloway. He’s a pivotal character but not really as important as Jack, Kate and the other cry babies and as I’ve noticed in nearly all tv series, its the guy who kinda stood scowling in the background that blew up after the series.

  • kongobong

    Michael and Terry

  • Cody

    I’d really like to see Nestor and Josh in a few roles after Lost, to see if they have the chops to be lead actors.

    Emilie de Ravin just had a movie come out that I didn’t see. Heard it wasn’t good though. Couldn’t see her going far.

    I think Evangeline could have a solid rom-com career if she wanted to. However, I really hope she does not take that route if she does return to acting.

    Michael Emerson will always be Benjamin Linus to me and most likely anyone else who has ever seen Lost. I do dig flash-sideways Dr. Linus though. No idea why.

    As far as Fox goes, I’m hoping he does well as the lead in “Billy Smoke”, but I’m not holding my breath. I haven’t seen Speed Racer, but I’m thinking it wasn’t the best movie to showcase his acting talents.

  • Cody

    Oh ya, I miss Desmond

  • chelsea

    (alan dale) charles widmore, duh…. he had a good tv (some movies) career before and will after. he’s a great actor even if he is typecast most of the time.

  • Cody

    How about Kevin Durand (Keamy) in some more bad guys roles?
    or, you know, making eggs. Either or.

  • Marc

    Nestor Carbonell. After last week, I’m positive. He’s already been in The Dark Knight, what’s next?

    I love Michael Emerson, but Ben is such a phenomenal character I can’t unsee him in that role.

    I’d love to see Yunjin Kim (Sun) in more things

  • Zahid

    Do they even have to act after the money they get from Lost?
    What was it, like 300 000 bucks for each episode, i could be wrong.. it could be 3 mills

  • Henrik

    Daniel Dae Kim. He has a new show comeing up that he will be starring in.

  • Henrik

    and Matthew Fox was awesome in Smokin’ Aces beeing killed by Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard on Lost.

  • Benalln44

    Henry Ian Cusick, I mean come on he played Jesus in the Gospel of John

  • CNA

    Ian Sommerhalder is doing pretty good for himself on The Vampire Diaries now a days.

  • brenda

    I would love to see the actor who played Ethan do some romantic comedies, he is so hot!