Emperor Palpatine is Having Way too Good a Time


Emperor 1 – Dude you gotta lay off the sauce man

Emperor 2 – Ehhhhhhhhhhh

Emperor 1 – Are you even listening to me?  The Jedi’s will be here any minute

Emperor 2 – Ehhhhhhhhhhh

Emperor 1 – Where’d you get those boots dude?  They’re sweet.

Emperor 2 – Ehhhhhhhhhhh

(Stormtrooper on the left scratches balls)

  • seeinidawg

    The Jedi’s what will be here any minute? I’m in suspense. Obviously the Jedi have some possesion that will be here any minute. Or maybe several JEDI will be here any minute. Jedi is already plural, jackass. Have you seen a Star Wars movie? I’m not even a crazy freak-out fan, but your carelessness with what you write is getting out of hand. Such a mundane post and you can’t even look it over? It doesn’t even sound right. Oh, and I don’t know who keeps encouraging you to try to be funny, but they need to stop. Because you aren’t.

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