Funny Awkward Kisses of Famous People

We’ve all been there.  It’s happened to each and every one of us.   Whether it’s a handshake or a kiss hello, each of us has had one of those moments that we wish we could take back.  One of those, “did I/we just do that?” moments.   Whether you went in for a kiss and she didn’t or you stuck out your hand and they didn’t, awkward greetings can be hilarious.

Personally I think they’re even funnier when caught on television and are done by famous people.  The kinds of people who aren’t supposed to make these mistakes in public.

Anyway, Life magazine did an entire segment on this very topic and wouldn’t you know it, we have the photographic evidence…..

Admit it, this is pretty funny.   Nothing better than awkward royalty.

Thanks to Life for these amazing captures


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