Fully Clothed Female Superheroes? Preposterous!


Well here’s a freaking novel idea. While the Hawkeye Initiative is showing what a male superhero would look like in female costumes and poses, what happens when you go the other direction?

That would be this new art series from Michael Lee Lunsford (via GeeksAreSexy) who wondered what it might look like if female superheroes were given outfits that you know, actually covered them up. Ridiculous, I know.

But really, it isn’t. The costumes are cool, and the girls look great even if everyone is wearing loose fitting pants and sports bras.

Not saying every female comic character needs to cover everything from their neck to ankles, but some variety in the costume and breast size department couldn’t hurt. Check out the entire collection of pictures below:








  • Nice! Not really superheroes but, Black Widow and Miranda Lawson are also great examples of fully clothed women in action. Pardon the overly emphasized assets of course.

  • trashcanman

    I actually LOVE Elektra’s look here, but Wonder Woman’s pants look stupid as hell. Maybe another color? And what is going on with Supergirl? Usually women either wear a dress OR pants, not both at once. Power Girl. No. Zatanna needs to ditch the cape. Psylocke’s not bad. Canary needs more black (assuming that’s her). And I’m not sure who the second from the top is. I’m assuming Vampirella, and if so, lame. No lamer than her usual ridiculous get-up, but still lame A better title for these might be “superheroines if their mothers dressed them”. Christ, you’ve brought out the Joan Rivers in me and I don’t think I like it.

  • Michael

    Looks like a bunch of young moms dressed up conservative for Halloween.

  • Rob

    I really like Psylocke, Electra, and Supergirl. Good idea

  • Carmelo

    “what happens when you go the other direction?” Readership drops by 20%

    Besides, Female superheroes outfits are no different then a lot of the outfits that female athletes wear in real life. Gymnastics, Track and Field, Swimming, Figure-skating, etc.

  • AK

    Most of those pants just look ridiculous. Mainly because pants aren’t that comfortable while running around and kicking ass especially not those wide cuffed pants. Those revealing leotards make way more sense in that aspect, however simple shorts or just the same tights the male superheroes wear would make much more sense. The thing that bugs me the most though, are the shoes. I mean you wouldn’t stand a chance in running down criminals in high heeled boots, that’ll just result in injury.

  • MetFanMac

    Some are — but then you get to ridiculous outfits like the ones worn by Starfire, Dagger, etc.

  • wevs

    Oh feminism, you so misguided.

  • Alex

    Sure it’s a good idea but why on Earth are they all wearing clothes two sizes too big?

  • J. Morales

    Some of those are improvements, others, not so much. What is with those pants on Wonder Woman? Looks like she forgot to take off her khakis when she changed into her costume. Another color or something is needed there.

    I’m all for covering up, I’d love for our society to be more modest. However, feminists confuse the bejeezus out of me. Are women supposed to celebrate their sexuality or are they supposed to cover up like a bunch of nuns were dressing them?

  • El Tigre Blanco

    Why did they go from sexy to looking like lesbians in under a second…grrr….

  • kungfuIronman

    The only ones that don’t work are supergirl and wonderwoman, neither need pants in those instances, and wonderwoman would be better off going full greek/roman style armor rather than cloth. Zatanna’s actually looks good not sure how practical though…

  • Duh

    @Carmelo – yeah because sexism totally doesn’t exist in the real world or at all influence sports. That’s why beach volleyball is in the Olympics, right? Specifically BEACH volleyball. With skimpy outfits.

    I think most of the costumes look pretty decent, I like power girls. Rather than being a super sexualized blond, she gets sort of a tomboy look.

  • Summer

    I actually adore superwoman’s concept, but the rest seem like they’re wearing outfits that are too large. The artist seems to have a bulky style, but I think that’s a bit much.

  • neganarell

    First off, I want to say well done on the artwork. Th idea isn’t a bad one to take a look at either. However, your costuming choices were not always the best. On Wonder Woman, The top part is Fantastic. But the waist down doesn’t match. You should have kept the metal theme for the suit, or gone with a tighter fit matching colored pants with greaves. Khakis are not exactly battle gear or apropriate grecian wear. Second picture is a little campy, but would’ve looked better with a darker color scheme. Third pic, Psylocke, excellent. 4th pics biggest problem are the legs. I can’t tell if she just has legs that are massive compared to the rest of her, or if they are cloth battle armor that’s really big and stiff on her. its another case of the top of the outfit and bottom not syncing up. 5th pic, I se it and my first thought is she’s going to trip on her own pants and fall into a vat of acid. Outside of the danger that her pants are gonna put her in I love the look. Only other comment is that I’d probably take her back to the tux and tails type coat because its higher association with stage magicians. 6th pic, Electra, Well done. 7th pic, Its more a taste in fashion difference. I would drop the cape. outside of that I’d also put a little more slack in the tunic sleeves because they look like they would restrict movement. The final pic is Excellent except that the portion with the Super logo does not match the rest of it. It looks like an addition that should have been sewn into the robe she wears but wasn’t. Over all I think you did an Amazing job, I just think you strove a little to hard against staples that are there, not just for sexuality, but also functionality. skintight means less risk to snag, less to grab, and less personal space to be aware of. Other than that keep up the excellent artistry.

  • Andrew Wilkerson

    They all still look amazing! love it.

    • orphand

      really? they actually look pretty bland and they stand out next to 0. Baggy pants isn’t progressive

  • Andrew Bolyn

    Some look okay. But the majority look like female pirates.

  • Kory Yrok

    Super Girl looks really good i actually prefer it to the original but i’m not liking power girl all too much

  • Leroy Jenkins

    The art style is pretty sound, but the actual character design… Are they supposed to look like butch lesbians on purpose?

    I mean, why wear such baggy clothes ? Thats worse then wearing tight/less clothing into combat sometimes. As a matter of fact, id rather go into combat with as little restricting me as possible. Middle age knights with a sh*t ton of armor, isnt the end all be all of warrior wear.

    I mean, khakis under WW’s standard armor. Over doing it a bit ? It seems the artist went out of their way to cover them up. Like they are leapers underneath or something. Some of this stuff looks like it doesn’t breath well at all.

    Im sorry…this whole fad with covering female comic heroes up… Its just as bad as the opposite…”over-sexulaization”. Soon we will have them wearing veils and forcing them to avert eye contact; Beheading them if they show any sexual brovado.

    • Matthew Wheeler

      Most of those clothes aren’t that baggy, Psylocke in particular is still wearing some pretty tight clothes. I think the point is to illustrate that if they dressed more like their male counterparts, they could still be distinctive and good looking.

      I admit, khakis might be a bad choice, some of the fashion sense on display isn’t great, but saying that a woman who isn’t wearing skimpy clothes looks like a, “Butch lesbian,” is sort of an antiquated viewpoint in my opinion. You’re perpetuating a stereotype by saying that, period.

      I agree that a woman should feel comfortable, “Flaunting it,” if that suits the character, but I think more varied and realistic depictions of female superheroes is healthier. Think of what kind of message it sends to a young female reader if the only female characters they see are in skin tight armor that barely covers their naughty bits.

      • shotoclone

        I actually agree with Leroy. It is one thing to have them more covered up, it is another to completely obscure their figures (in an ironic sorta way) The art is ok, but the design is a bit off for me.

        Male comic characters also have tights too…just fyi. Some of them quiet naked. Remember he-man ? How About gill from street fighter? Superman with his tights, to spiderman. Its all there.

        I just think we focus on the bad before the good in comics. Comics as an art form has emerged from its boys only club. Even back in the day, companies like marvel did all male swimsuit issues of their superheores.

        We are just trying to make compromises of old designs at this point, and new-52 did a fine job of that IMO.

        This is a bit overkill imo…but thats just me.

  • Angelica Esperanza

    I honestly thought they looks good. Other than the pants for wonder woman (shoudl’ve made them skinny jeans or something) and wouldn’t mind seeing them like this. Girls shouldn’t have to look sexy all the time in media

  • gamingcrewsickness

    They actually look pretty cool

  • Travis Nosal

    why is wonderwoman wearing khaki’s?

  • daftPirate

    Power Girl needed that *badly*

  • mikey

    I feel like this is exactly the same kind of extreme but opposite end. A person with a handle like Geeksaresexy maybe should tone down the neo puritan take on things. I love how the lines and tone of a well build idealized fantasy body are hidden, almost like it’s shaming them for exposing them. Ive been fat so i get how the super sexy can kind of upset you but , Hiding your body is just the same invocation of emotional turmoil at heart.

  • Kujiiro


  • Kyo Bladezen

    Some of them are a bit too baggy, as if they’re wearing a pair of mens pants that are just a tad too long. If they’re going to cover up, I would think they would know how to pick clothes for their size. The art is spectacular however, and I hope to see more of this, but with better-fitting clothes.

  • David H

    Fantastic. Female capes I’d be ok with my daughter emulating for Halloween.

  • Fingolfin85

    I actually like this… am i Gay?