The Force Is Strong With This BB-8 Snowman

So far the “winter father of the year award” has to go to Tony Francis of Highland, Utah.    While we’ve seen some awesome snowmen and sculptures being built in what appears to be winter that’s shaping up to be very snow friendly, Tony’s simple yet accurate BB8 deserves some attention.  Not only because it’s awesome for the sake of awesome, but because it only cost $8 to do the entire project.   According to ABC News:

“From November until now she’s been begging me to do it but we never had enough snow,” Francis told ABC News of his 7-year-old daughter’s persistence. “I was leaving Sunday for work and had 3 or 4 hours before I had to travel, so I just got her up and said, ‘Get your stuff on.’”

His daughter is a big “Star Wars” fan, which is something this proud papa can certainly get behind. “For Halloween she wanted to be Ray,” he said, referring to the lead character in “The Force Awakens.” “I love it because ‘Star Wars’ is full of strong female characters for her.” Francis and Gwen spent two hours rolling a “big ol’ ball” into the BB-8 shape, then used a butter knife to mold the top layer into the perfectly edged semi-circle.

As for the rest of the family getting in on the fun, “My wife watched form the window,” Francis said with a laugh. The entire project only cost Francis $8 for the orange spray paint. After all their hard work, though, Francis said his daughter was “over it” within 10 minutes. “It was funny — all that build-up and then 10 minutes later she’s done with it,” he said. It’s safe to say their droid sculpture is the winter vision of every “Star Wars” fan’s dreams though, and was trending on the front page of Reddit over the weekend.

If you’ve got a huge amount of snow outside of your house, you might want to consider taking it a step further on the snowman.  Make yourself a BB8.  Frankly I’m waiting for the Millennium Falcon to show up on someone’s lawn but this is a great start.

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