Fifteen Famous People With the Highest IQs

Jodie Foster – 132

For the most part we are relatively accurate (assuming we ourselves are intelligent) when it comes to predicting the intelligence of a lot of people on television.   Based on interviews, personal appearances and decisions these people make we can deduce whether or not they are smart people.    I mean I think we all know that Snooki is a moron right?  Right.

But sometimes there are celebrities that have a secret genius that we never really knew about.   There are people out there that actually have the IQ of an Albert Einstein that I would never, ever have thought.   You’re going to be blown away at who has an IQ that’s tied with Stephen Hawking.

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Photos from The Chive.

Nicole Kidman – 132

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135

Geena Davis – 140

Madonna – 140

Glenne Headley – 140

Shakira – 140

Steve Martin – 142

Raven – 143

Asia Carerra – 156

Stephen Hawking – 160

Dolph Lundgren – 160

Quentin Tarantino – 160

Reggie Jackson – 160

James Woods – 180