Fifteen Famous People With the Highest IQs

Jodie Foster – 132

For the most part we are relatively accurate (assuming we ourselves are intelligent) when it comes to predicting the intelligence of a lot of people on television.   Based on interviews, personal appearances and decisions these people make we can deduce whether or not they are smart people.    I mean I think we all know that Snooki is a moron right?  Right.

But sometimes there are celebrities that have a secret genius that we never really knew about.   There are people out there that actually have the IQ of an Albert Einstein that I would never, ever have thought.   You’re going to be blown away at who has an IQ that’s tied with Stephen Hawking.

Check out the celebs with high IQs after the jump….

Photos from The Chive.

Nicole Kidman – 132

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135

Geena Davis – 140

Madonna – 140

Glenne Headley – 140

Shakira – 140

Steve Martin – 142

Raven – 143

Asia Carerra – 156

Stephen Hawking – 160

Dolph Lundgren – 160

Quentin Tarantino – 160

Reggie Jackson – 160

James Woods – 180

  • petrino

    just proof that IQ is bullshit.

  • Dagron

    IQ isn’t bullshit. It CAN be bullshit, but it all depends on the tests used to determine IQ. If you’re using an internet-based IQ test, you’re doing it wrong. =)

  • Bob

    its almost impossible to measure anything above 130

  • Michael Bluth

    I hate to be the one to do this. I really do but I have to. This is almost exactly the same article that was posted at 3 weeks ago. Right down to the pictures used. Only difference is the absence of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. I love your site, I visit it 2-3 times a day to make sure I don’t miss anything. But using the article from another site without any reference makes me sad. Especially since I also love this other site. Proof:

  • HarshReality79

    130 isn’t really all that high. It’s well above average, but not genius level. Woods and Martin don’t surprise me (and Hawking is famous BECAUSE of his intelligence), but Dolph Lundgren & Scott (Raven) Levy surprise me.

  • Inter Milan Kundera

    Dolph Lundgren studied science at MIT, making him a nerd who can kill you in 128 different ways.

  • Postal

    130 is two standard deviations above the norm putting them above 98% of the population. Yes, its pretty darn high. It might not seem high compared to astronomically high IQ’s but in the big picture its pretty darn good.

    Any test you can perform on your self is worthless. And any organization that sells you a “genius” membership badge is worthy of skepticism.

  • Brenton

    I’m more surprised that Stephen Hawking’s I.Q. is that low. Not that an I.Q. of 160 is low but when you consider that his reputation is based on being ridiculously intelligent, I would have expected much higher.

  • lol

    Stephen Hawking have never revealed his IQ. He has said in an interview “People who boast about their IQ’s are losers”. What happened in this case was that some journalist asked some sort of expert who have know idea and the expert suggest at least 160. Then suddenly everybody thinks his IQ is 160 when really it’s unknown. The same thing happen to Einstein.

    Also, Hawking thinks numerical IQ is bullshit.

  • Andy

    @Michael Bluth

    I’d just recommend skipping all of Nattyb’s posts in the future. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache.

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  • mike

    Who in the blue hell is Glenne Headley???

  • Monchofos

    She was notoriously used in the 90s as “the girl” like in that movie where Kevin McCallister is the dude’s from Cheer’s son. There some other movies I forget right now, but yeah I have seen her.

    Everytime I see this lists and Asia Carrera pops up I remember how many times I fapped to her in my teen years, she was detrimental in puberty, and also, how long ago has it passed without seeing a scene with her.

    Although to be fair, old porn is just vanilla compared to the crazyness of today’s porn.

    I still maintian that Anal Acrobats 7 is the best damn movie ever made.

  • Heche


    Why did you feel the need to share that? I really didn’t need to know about your lusting after Asia Carrera, and I don’t really get the vibe from this site that you blab about that kind of stuff here. Maybe I’m wrong, but still you should probably keep that kind of thing private.

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  • FrankenPC

    IQ means the amount of accumulated knowledge and logical reasoning ability relative to your age. That’s all. I have the same IQ as B Gates. Big deal. What’s important is HOW your mind absorbs and plays with information.

    You can have a low IQ but an unusual ability that is more advanced than anyone else on the planet. Idiot savants are great examples of this phenomena.

    IQ doesn’t reflect true genius.

    Where’s Sharon Stone? MENSA member.

  • Chaz

    actually Stephen Hawking has an IQ of 260, not 160. Just thought I should say it.

  • mike

    Well then… thanks for clearing that up Monchofos!! I think??

  • Zaggnita

    Realization in 3…2..1…
    James Woods?


  • Shadowtag

    @mike How the blue hell have you never seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

  • bobafett

    ^ this

  • Rob J

    Seriously “Photo’s from The Chive”, the whole damn article is from The Chive, stop this nonsense Nattyb!

  • MoFoQ

    Dolph Lundgren studied at MIT for two weeks to pursue acting, though he did get awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT in 1983.
    And it was chemical engineering.

  • Rick

    You guys do realize that most if not all of these IQs listed are guestimates right? “For the most part we are relatively accurate (assuming we ourselves are intelligent) when it comes to predicting the intelligence of a lot of people on television. ”

    I doubt any of these people have taken an IQ test. They derive these numbers from observations. Therefore they’re practically useless. Though I would say Dolph Lungren probably does have a high IQ (he has a masters in chemical engineering).

  • mike

    Shadowtag, not only have I never seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, I am also proud to say I never saw E.T or The Big Lebowski either…


    This PAGE is complete and utter BULLSHIT.

    GREAT research ignoramus. Though Stephen Hawking did state in an interview in 2004 “People who boast about their IQ’s are losers”. In 2006 he decided to take the Mensa test for individuals with superior intelligence scoring between 200 and 250!

    Not one of these stupid actors have ever had a higher IQ or are more in intelligent than Sir Hawking. Or Einstein for that matter.

  • ColonelNeville

    Wow. Now I know why I’m living in a palm tree munching on dry crackers!