Fantastic Wonder Woman Cosplay Out of Nowhere

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For as long as I’ve been posting great cosplay galleries, I think this is the first time ever I’ve come across a stand alone Wonder Woman before. For whatever reason, the DC heroine is often overlooked. Perhaps it’s her outdated costume, her stupid lasso or her invisible jet (seriously, just have her fly), but she deserves better.

And better she has, in the form of this truly fantastic series of photos from SuperHero Photography (via GeeksAreSexy). The model is Sarah Scott, who looks like a less butch version of Gina Carano, and the costume(s) are just top notch here. There are a few variants of the traditional get-up, including a sword and shield one I didn’t know existed. These are all so well done, she even makes the original stars and stripes look awesome. Someone should have consulted this costume designer when they were shooting that crappy WW pilot a few months ago. Like, holy crap, how much better are ANY of these costumes than that latex Halloween crap?

Go below to see the full gallery. You’ll be glad you did.

  • JZ

    this is really great A+

  • Ugo Strange

    She wins.

  • Dolaction

    I made wonderwoman on soul calibur, almost exactly like the last pic, lasso and all

  • Comfortable Madness

    I can’t decide what’s better the first few where she’s all serious or the very last one where she’s laughing outloud. Gorgeous girl and good costume.

  • MattChi


  • Jason

    If only she were a tad older, then she’s look the role PERFECTLY.

  • lordemostab

    just put her in a live action version of the animated movie. boom, it practically films itself.

  • captain buzzkill

    she’s been able to fly since the crisis on infinite earths story line…from like back in the 80’s.

    but yeah, that is an awesome costume.

  • midnightjoker

    the costume looks great (minus the shield) but she looks like she’s 16. not very WonderWomanly. Gina Carano Would be way better for the role since she can actually fight and act. not just a cosplay Model.
    nice photo shoot though…

  • That 70’s Kid


    Linda Carter will always be Wonder Woman.

  • Frank

    She’s PERFECT, just the way she is.

  • Jeff

    What is going on it was a lot better back in the 70’s it was not much but it was what she look like.The head band is to much.Thin it out ,Skirt is to much to heavy,she is not superman does not need a cape.the belt is to big could make it a little smaller.The woman is just fine she looks great.

  • George Jetson

    Cool costume and everything but she looks to young for the part.