Fan Theories that Will Blow Your Mind

Hahahaha.  Did you guys just read this Mario theory?  I feel like whatever fan wrote that probably just got dumped by his girlfriend and was in a super pissy mood.   I mean yeah, there’s some validity to his theory but not enough to make me a believer.   However, it’s fun to see how people theorize video games as well as movies and shows.  You just never know what, if anything, the writers are trying to convey.

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  • Robert

    The kids in Willy Wonka didn’t die.

  • peppersgc

    Riddley Scott has since confirmed that Prometheus takes place in the Blade Runner universe. That isn’t a theory anymore.

  • ryan bonline

    More than likely, genie knows these things because he is an omnipotent, cosmically all powerful being.

  • I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul