15 Cool Photos of Famous People with Cats

Celebrities and Animals

I may have mentioned this before on this website but in case I haven’t I’m not the biggest fan of cats.  Actually let me rephrase that.  I’m not the biggest fan of domesticated cats.   Like I love lions and tigers and stuff.  It’s just when it comes to having a cat as a pet I think dogs are 100 times cooler.

That doesn’t mean that I hate cats.  I just prefer dogs.  And man oh man are there some crazy cat lovers out there.  It’s unbelievable.  Sure enough amongst the crowd are the celebrity contingent.  In fact, there’s an entire site dedicated to finding pictures of celebrities and cats.

Obviously I have taken the time to find 15 pretty solid pictures of cats and celebrities that I hope you enjoy…..

Thanks to Yourcatwasdelicious for the pics

Marlon Brando

Celebrities and Animals

Freddie Mercury

Celebrities and Animals

Andy Samberg

Celebrities and Animals

Bob Dylan

Celebrities and Animals

Hugh Laurie

Celebrities and Animals

Adriana Lima

Celebrities and Animals

Paris Hilton

Celebrities and Animals

 Claudia Schiffer

Celebrities and Animals

Sienna Miller

Celebrities and Animals

James Franco

Celebrities and Animals

Victoria Beckham

Celebrities and Animals

Anthony Perkins

Celebrities and Animals

George Harrison

Celebrities and Animals


Celebrities and Animals

James Dean

Celebrities and Animals

  • Candee

    Cats are just funny…and probably judgmental.

  • zomgmouse

    Aw, I was hoping for the Steve Martin ironing a kitten picture.
    And just look at Paris Hilton’s kitten’s face. Not happy kitteh, and rightly so.

  • Chrystani

    Freddie Mercury and the only pussy he has held.

    Love it.

  • chrystani

    Ok ok one more thing…

    Anthony Perkins looks alot like like Jon Osterman. (In the movie).

  • J5

    If Steven King has taught me anything it’s that cats fight trolls. So, uh, yeah……where was I going with this?

  • Bert

    Love the Hitchcock one – it’s like he’s saying “Fuck you Lion, this is my film and you’re going to roar when I say roar! Now quit dicking around!”

  • Karin

    I love the Hitchcock, Dylan, Brando and James Dean photos. Especially the Dylan one, it makes me go awwww on a very deep, maternal level.

    Then there’s this one: House with cat – or Cat with House. Either way, I sense a lot going on in that picture and it has potential to become a story. I just love when that happens.

  • Awesome pictures. Loved them!

  • SirEdward

    James Franco: Because Unreality just does NOT have enough pictures of people eating pussy.

    Sorry, had to.

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  • Jewlz


    i dont know why zachary quinto was holding a cat, but this is still a pretty cool picture 3: