10 Interesting Facts On Stupid Cartoons

I don’t know about you guys but I love when I can kill about five minutes reading ridiculous things that I never knew before.  What’s even better is when I can do it on a stupid cartoon drawing!

Seriously, it’s actually kind of fun.

Check out these 10 graphics below…..

Thanks to Cargo Collective for these

  • jaromir

    T-rex meat must of tasted good.

  • Drester

    Each episode of the simpsons takes 6 months to make…..

    …..with one person?

  • Drester

    Who else looked up symbolics.com and was disappointed?

  • NY not NYC


    So they make two episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ a year? … … Y’know that does seem right.

  • suss2it

    Obviously episodes are in production spontaneously.