Examples of People Who Like to Make Museums Fun

I don’t go to museums often but when I do I always appreciate what I see.  However I think the reason that I don’t visit them often (maybe once a year) is because frankly they’re a little boring.  It’s not that the displays aren’t cool.  It’s just that you sometimes feel like you’re in this really quiet place where everything is on display and you can’t really do anything but walk around.   Frankly it gets kind of tired.  And by the time you leave you’re always spent.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love all the cool stuff they have but hopefully my point hit home.   Perhaps I need to “spice it up” a little while at the museum.  Make the exhibits more interesting by including myself and others in the photos.

I guess be more like the people you are about to see…..

This kid is amazing.  More fun people below.


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