Eight Awesome Pictogram Rock Posters By Viktor Hertz

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of the site Funded By Me but you should definitely check it out.   It’s basically a place where artists or people doing good deeds go to get the projects funded.   I say artists and good deeds because the majority of the audience on this site tend to be in the arts of some kind.

We came across a really solid artist named Viktor Hertz.   People are supporting his works after he submitted a pretty awesome collection of pictograms depicting rock bands.   They are incredibly accurate and give excellent portrayals of the musicians and bands they represent.

Check out the pics after the jump….

Thanks to Viktor Hertz for these photos.   You can click any of them for full size.

  • DocDoom

    These are great. I’m trying to name all of those Beatles ones. So far I see (left to right, top to botom…ish):

    The Long and Winding Road
    Back in the USSR
    I’ll Follow the Sun
    Eight Days a Week
    Yellow Submarine
    Hello Goodbye
    Polythene Pam
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    ??? (I’m Looking Through You?)
    Magical Mystery Tour
    Happiness is a Warm Gun
    Drive My Car
    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    Strawberry Fields
    Sun King
    Ticket to Ride
    Can’t Buy Me Love
    I Am the Walrus
    Octopus’ Garden
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    Carry that Weight

  • Eddie

    ^ The gun is revolver or revolving?

  • DocDoom

    Naw, the gun is “Happiness”. The gun is half of a smiley face! Pretty awesome.

  • Bert

    Well, the sideways tree with the flag of Norway is Norwegian Wood. And I believe the Female symbol with a crown is Her Majesty.

    The one with the baby in the magnifying glass looks like it could be I Got to Find My Baby. Or maybe I Lost My Little Girl. The eye in the speech bubble could be Tell Me What You See. The heart in the hands could be All You Need is Love. I think you’re right about Lucy in the Sky, but I guess it could also be Across the Universe.

    Still no clue about the yes/no speech bubbles and the thing that looks like a compass or watch dial with fireworks inside.

    Which one’s Back in the USSR Doc?

  • DocDoom

    Norwegian Wood, duh. I don’t know where I got USSR from, haha. I guess I saw a plane and moved on.

    Tell Me What You See has gotta be right, and maybe the yes/no is Hello Goodbye” again?

  • Pedro Cordeiro

    I think the yes no bubbles are “No reply”. The eye with a girl insite, close to the guitar, may be “I saw her standing there”. At present the only one I can’t fathom is the fireworks inside a circle. Anyone?