The GIF of the Week: Don’t Try to Be Like Mario

This is hands down one of the dumbest yet most awesome attempts at something “real life” Super Mario Brothers that I’ve ever seen.   Personally I think the guy could have just constructed this for no reason, not done the “demonstration,” and it would have been fine.

But that he went the extra distance deserves some merit.  Granted a medal for stupidity but merit nonetheless.

Way to go buddy.

  • ak
  • Sara C.

    Also, what the hell was he going to do once he got up there? Jump over the flagpole into that Little Tykes playhouse?

  • Austin

    Ugh, I’ve seen this video. He snapped his arm right in half.

  • @Sara

    There’s a trampoline right next to the high spot.


    You can actually see his arm bend back in the GIF. That looks like a world of hurt.