What Not To Ask Batman in the Next Month or So


Which reminds me, I’m Jewish so I guess this doesn’t apply to me.  Then again, I enjoy all holidays.  Actually Christmas time is a fun time to be enjoyed by all.  Save the whole shopping thing.  My recommendation?  Just get it out of the way now.  Seriously.  What if you did your Christmas shopping now?  How awesome would that be

Why do people wait until that coveted day after Thanksgiving thing?  I’m 100% convinced that now it’s just a facade.  Yeah I understand that stores have deals that day and all, but some asswipe somewhere decided “let’s make this day the worst shopping day of the year” and somehow America bought in.  I don’t know when that was but I’m gonna find out.

Folks, don’t let that happen to you.  And for God’s sake if you run into Batman, do NOT ask about his folks.  It’s just a bad idea.

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