Disney Takes Recycling Way Too Seriously


Is this is a coincidence?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  The first picture (on the bottom) is from Jungle Book which was released in 1967.  The second?  The second picture (top picture) is from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which was released ten years later.

And if that isn’t enough proof of the recycling problem at Disney you might want to check out the video after the jump


Um, I guess I could be calling bullshit here but they are all Disney movies after all.  At the same time, I mean come on.

Well, it’s not like we do this right?  🙂  I mean we’ve only had like 600 sexy cosplay articles.  Actually I’m joking.  Put it this way: if you’re writing on the same topic multiple times you at least try to mix it up a little.

I mean this is like literally taking frames and recoloring them.  I need another video like this of Disney to see if they do this in current movies.  Anyone know of any videos out there like this?

  • Tron

    there’s literally HUNDREDS of videos showing disneys cost cutting corners on ‘timeless children classics’.

  • maybe it’s just to prove that it’s truly disney?!

  • tissmekyle

    to me it dont matter. the movies aint any worse for it. just saves haing to make knew dance routines and such.

  • Don´t you think that this happens too in tv animation shows See the idea here http://www.gixman.com/reciclaje-de-ideas-los-programas-animados-acutales-la-misma-formula/

  • Gillfigno

    I think this happened mostly because they used the same dance footage to rotoscope.

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  • Xin

    I was an animation major for one semester, then switched over to film editing. Let me tell you, in my educated opinion, that if there is some way that you can make things easier on yourself while doing intricate work like drawing animation, you generally do it. I haven’t seen many of the videos showing the copying, but I would guess that as hand-drawing fell out of style and computer animation became common place, you’ll likely see less of it.

  • Catherine Cochrane

    I thought I would mention since you linked Jungle Book+Winnie the Pooh, they actually had the same boy voice both Mogli and Christopher Robin.