Debate of the Day: Are There Strong Female Characters in Media?

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So normally I’m not a big fan of flowcharts, because I get frustrated trying to read them after about two minutes. No, I’m not retarded, I understand how they work, but to read some of the larger ones can take a large amount of time I don’t have. That’s why I like infographics, crisp, clean and no mazes to follow.

But I’m breaking my own rule today for this graphic from It features many female archetypes from movies and TV we know and love, but goes to show how nearly all of them are flawed, and none are strong female characters in the end. I think they’re a bit off not admitting to ONE strong female character just for example’s sake, but I guess they really believe there aren’t any out there.

I think the chart is blowing past some that truly are strong females, like Alien‘s Ripley is classified as “Final Girl,” who stays alive in the end after all her burly counterparts have died. That’s not strong? Same goes for Firefly‘s Zoe, and Terminator‘s Sarah Connor.

But it is true that females are often marginalized in the media for any number of reasons. Does this chart have a point, or are there more strong female characters out there than it’s giving credit for? If so, who are some of your best examples?


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