The Deathstar Watermelon

Deathstar Watermelon

You know what I love about Star Wars?  I’ll tell you what I love about Star Wars.  I love the fact that this movie is over 30 years old now and people are still finding creative ways to pay respects to it.  While these creative ways might be weird I still think it’s awesome.

When you think about it, Star Wars is kind of like The Beatles.    Just like The Beatles music will live on forever and constantly evolve from a media perspective, so too will Star Wars.

I mean how often do you see a watermelon like this?  Who actually takes the time to do this?  It’s funny because you see all of those red cups right next to it.  Make me think they’re all gonna go play beer pong or something.

There’s one more photo from another angle after the jump

Thanks to Joe Stump for this photo

Deathstar Watermelon

What a great little project that must have been.