DC Goes Medieval

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There’s something about transporting superheroes to other eras that I really enjoy, and artist John Staub has made me a very happy camper today. He’s taken three of DC’s finest and transported them back into medieval times with a complete costume makeover.

Superman is naturally a knight (who looks suspiciously like Sean Bean), while Batman stalks the rooftops with a pointed cowl. Wonder Woman? She actually kind of looks the same, with 100% more owl. Is it an invisible owl?

Check out the other two below, and more of Staub’s work here.

  • Jeff

    Superman is a warrior, Batman is a Rogue. Not sure what Wonderwoman would be. Either way I love the art.

  • Juraviel

    wonderwoman is the amazon LOL….sigh

  • brett

    Why does superman need armor?

  • Marco

    Is it me or Batman really looks like an Assassins from Assassins Creed??

  • Jim Lahey


    The original superman, and all comic book heroes to follow, is dressed in spandex because that is what the strongmen of the 1930’s wore. Superheroes became an extention on the “superhuman” powers of these early performers.

    In the Middle Ages, knights in shining armor were the equivalent of strongmen, as they entertained the masses with their feats of strength and daring in tournaments.

  • brett


    He is the man of steel, it is redundant for him to also be clad in steel.

  • Nick S

    Looks like Superman is based on the character Exodus from the Marvel Universe… or, you know, every character ever that has flown and then hovered in one place.

  • KerouacCat



  • Alaric

    Maybe the armor is just there to keep his powers in check. I always wondered why superheroes had the brightly colored spandex thing going on.

  • Chris Jackson

    That’s how Wonder Woman SHOULD look. I loathe the reboot design. Wonder Woman may be the greatest victim of the reboot.

  • Jim Lahey


    He’s also faster than a speeding bullet and able to stop a locomotive, neither of which exist in the Middle Ages.

    Think about it like this. If you were superman, your job is to protect the innocent. If you go back in time about 700 years, the inncoent will see your blue and red spandex suit and assume you are the village idiot, or some sort of sorceror or monster when you start showing off your superpowers to them. Remember, we’re talking about people who lived their entire lives in the same 10 square miles usually, so you would need to find a symbol universally recognized at the time in order to garner trust: a suit of armor. Everyone from lords to peasents knew what a knight in armor looked like, and it would be the best mantle to take if you were going to be a medieval superhero.

    It has nothing to do with if he needs a suit of armor. He doesn’t need a cape, but he still wears one. He doesn’t need boots since his feet are still “made of steel,” but he still wears them. Superman’s costume is as much a symbol as it is an artical of clothing.

  • Wite Boy

    this fits the heroes way more then having them in modern times

  • wevs

    Care to elaborate on a source of your information about the spandex suit originating from carnival strongmen? I’m not much of a comic nerd, mind you so it could really be a generally accepted theory, but this is the first I hear of it. Quite interesting, might I add.

  • Jordan

    I always did like alternate timeline versions of characters.

    D.C. did this back in the 70s with the JSA by Wally Wood.


  • Sean

    LOVE the Wonder Woman costume…very Warrior Princess-y….

  • Nice to see something other than Steam Punk. They still could of put some sort of mask over Batman’s eye’s though.