An Awesome Darth Vader Sculpture

I know we tend to go a bit overboard on the Star Wars stuff on this site but let’s face it.  It’s all pretty awesome if you ask me.   And this sculpture is just another reminder of that awesomeness.

I can honestly say that if I had no clue who Darth Vader was or what Star Wars was I would think this was a pretty badass piece of artwork.

If anyone knows who made this please let us know….

  • Will M

    It looks like a melted version of the 3D sculptures they came out with a couple years ago.

  • Scott

    Its actually a 3D puzzle. I got one quite a few years back. They just took out part of the puzzle to make it look all “melted.” I still have that puzzle up on my bookshelf.

  • Aaron

    Pretty sure this is a pretty common thing. I used to have something that looked nearly Identical as a kid. Its like a bunch of 1/16″ thick slices that you stack up a central point that makes and entire head. In fact the one I had as a kid looked Exactly like this, because it was this exact Darth Vader stack puzzle.

  • You can never go too overboard on Star Wars

  • that’s not darth vader, that’s the Legion Of Doom’s headquarters rising out of the swamp.

  • Mortecouille

    Same as above, never too much SW stuff

  • Mortecouille

    Same as above, never too much SW stuff

  • Volderderp

    im actually building this in minecraft right now

  • corvor

    That’s what happens when the T1000 watches Star Wars

  • Jim

    Cave of Wonders anyone?