How To Deal with the Creepy Girl from The Ring

You know how we’re big fans of comics made by readers on this site.  Hell Paul is really coming into his own with his own strip.  So now my radar is on full alert for funny comics that are pretty much ridiculous and have animation that’s “simple.”

You see we don’t care about precision.  What we care about is the message.

And believe me the message here is awesome.  Check out the comic after the jump…

Thanks to Dumped Girl for this comic

  • shan


  • Sig

    LOL good one.

  • hahaha, who the f**k thinks about these things!!! tv to tv.. good one!!! of out the window.. lol!!!

  • Very funny! Of course, you just know that our comic’s hero wouldn’t make it past the prologue of a horror movie: Death by Pragmatism

  • This is really good, the possibilities are endless!

    I’ve got a comic too and I read this site everyday!

  • Hilarious! Pple in the movie should’ve done that the first time.