One of the Craziest Hiding Spots Ever

Crazy Hiding

As Paul mentioned yesterday we tend to focus on movies, entertainment, and video games on this site.  However, when we come across things that we deem “unreal” then it’s our obligation to share them with you.

When I came across this photo I had a very hard time believing it was real.   But sure enough, in 2001 this hiding incident took place.  Actually, a lot of this takes place.  Sometimes it’s immigration, and sometimes it’s prostitute trafficking.  I was and still am amazed that these practices take place all around the world.

The lengths that people go to astounds me.  I mean today I ate an egg that was just a little runny for my taste.  I thought that was a big deal.

  • J5

    I never thought to keep my prostitutes there….. consider this noted.

  • IcemanD

    I don’t know man, eating a runny egg is kind of a big deal…

  • The thought of that triggers claustrophobia in me. Damn that’s hardcore, you’d have to REALLY want something. I don’t think I have ever wanted something that badly, but I’m already in America and I rarely have cravings for prostitutes.