Cosplayer of the Week: Spiffzaya

Unfortunately I have zero information on Spiffzaya other than her AC Paradise profile.   And it’s a shame too because I think she’s one of the best cosplayers we’ve featured to date.   I mean she goes into great deal describing all of her costumes and yet I can’t find any information about her such as a bio or other websites, etc etc.

Not to mention she’s shared well over 100 photos of herself.   I mean there are cosplayers and then there are people that look like this is a career for them.  Spiffzaya is one of these people.

Check out her work after the jump….

As usual on these particular posts we go gallery format.  Enjoy!


  • Cylex

    Its really odd that this is posted, cause just yesterday i saw this cosplayer on a youtube video series called “Assist Me” about tips and techniques for fighting games.

    They apparently do skits in between giving an actual in-depth guide on the given character, in this case it was Jill Valentine from MVC. She was in that costume in the last picture in the above post. Not sure if shes a normal part of the crew on that channel or just a guest, but she does seem to do some awesome high quality work on the costumes.