Cosplayer of the Week: PhD Pepper

I just want to congratulate PhD Pepper for being the first male in our “Cosplayer of the Week” feature.   While we don’t know much about him as a person (i.e. his real name, where he lives, what he does for a living, that kind of stuff) we do know that he puts a ton of effort into his costumes.

For the most part it looks like he has an affinity for Final Fantasy but you’ll see plenty of other deviations in his wheelhouse.  Among them are Naruto, Bayonetta, Monster Hunter, and many others.   Bottom line is that this guy knows what he’s doing hence why we selected him..

Here’s a little snippet from his Deviant Art Page

I guess I cosplayed for the first time in July of 2009. It was during Anime Expo. It turned out to be a really enjoyable time and because of that, its turned cosplay into kind of a hobby. I’m still pretty new to this so currently I don’t have very many cosplays, but i guess that will change over time.  I also play the piano, oddly I enjoy playing it but i hate practicing so it makes me slow to learn any new songs, especially to get a song perfect. There was a period of time where i really enjoyed body sculpting too, and cosplay has brought that interest back, but not quite to the levels of becoming a body builder, i don’t want to be quite that big, if i’m even capable of it.

Check out his photos after the jump….


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