Cosplay of the Day: The Amazing Miles Morales


For those of you not following the comic book Spider-Man universe these days, Peter Parker has been subbed out and Miles Morales has tagged in as Spider-Man. The black-hispanic teen is part of Marvel’s ongoing effort to ensure their entire line-up of superheroes doesn’t remain an endless string of white guys. The character was supposed to be inspired by a hybrid of Barack Obama and Donald Glover, hence why everyone’s always begging Glover to get the role in a Marvel movie that doesn’t exist yet.

Anyway, Morales will likely make it to the big screen someday, but before he does, that’s why we have cosplay. Another young man was constantly told he looked like Morales, and so Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey decided that he should probably get a costume to match. Once he’s donned it, the effect is uncanny (errr, that’s X-Men), and you can see more evidence of that in the gallery below:








  • Frothy_Ham

    Man, they seriously should have gone with Miles Morales for the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Andrew Garfield is great, but I just don’t care about seeing Peter Parker anymore on the big screen…this would have given the franchise a much-needed kick in the rear.

    • David R

      I more or less agree, but good movies would have helped, too.

      • Dara Paulsen

        Here I thought I was the only one that thought the newest ones were trash. Emma Stone is supposed to be a scientist, while still in High School of course, and she was wearing a labcoat miniskirt and heels while working. It was ridiculous.