Cosplay of the Day: Lady Cable

nicole marie

Growing up, my love of the X-Men was based not on the comics (which I wasn’t allowed to read), but on the action figures (which inexplicably, I was allowed to buy). Cable quickly became one of my favorite action figures I owned, and I really didn’t know anything about him other than the fact he was Cyclops’ son from the future.

But a metal arm? A glowing eye? A shit ton of weapons? That’s my kind of hero, and he was my favorite until the day I punched Wolverine so hard his arm broke off.

Nicole Marie Jean here is doing him proud with a female version of the character. Perhaps a comic fan can explain to me the little Kuato-like baby attached to him (her).

  • John

    That is the first mutant born after M-Day, the day Scarlet Witch got rid of 90% of all mutants. It was a big deal because no mutants were being born anymore.

    Cable begins traveling time with the baby so no one could kill her.

  • bigpartymaker

    Ironically, I stopped reading comics shortly after Cable was introduced.

  • Draven3410

    Her name is Hope.
    As John said, 1st mutant born after M-Day, Cable rescued her and they spent a while jumping further and further into the future until (i think) X-force bring them back to the present.