Cosplay of the Day: Finally, a Great Gambit


Gambit seems like one of those superheroes that it’s really tough to get right when cosplayed. Even though it’s just a coat, chestplate, staff, a deck of cards and a head…thing, it can easily look terribly if any one of these elements goes awry.

But somehow, some way, Michael Huffman got it right. Hes’s got the look and the costume down perfectly, and while I’m not sure why it looks like he has a transformer down his pants, but other than that, it’s a great effort. Check out other shots of the costume below.




  • Lucas Tetrault

    Got to hand it to him – I’m impressed.

    Now the only thing is if Marvel can follow suit and actually do Gambit justice in the next installment. I’m guessing they’re not gonna make him look BA like this.

    • Brendan

      It’s gonna be Channing Tatum FWIW

      • Lucas Tetrault

        Yeah I know … I’ll hold judgement on casting of him till I see how he looks. (not sure he can pull of the accent either) … here’s hoping though.