Cosplay of the Day: Armor So Good It Deserves Military Funding


Not all cosplay is girls in tight fitting costumes, and while that might be bad news to some, the rest can be pretty goddamn awesome as well. This ridiculously fantastic set of Warhammer 40K armor from Dezelith is probably one of the most impressive feats of cosplay I’ve ever seen. I’m actually not even sure it can be called “cosplay” at this point. That’s just straight up Tony Stark shit, though I’m guessing it’s mostly made of foam and not metal.

That said, I’d be much more prone to support increased military funding if they were building stuff like this instead of boring old submarines and jets. Seriously, if we had an army of giant hammer wielding behemoths, I think we’d win every war within 24 hours as everyone just threw down their guns and went “nope, too badass for us.”

Check out more pictures of the suit via Technabob.

  • RBourn

    That is one badass suit of terminator armour.

    That’s a lot of detail for a home-made suit of armour. I’ve seen Games Workshop made ones that didn’t look as good as this.

  • J. Morales

    Deploying Tactical Dreadnought Armor without permission of the Adeptus Mechanicus? Heresy!

  • Reki3

    Skip the sledge, go for the gunhammer!