Cosplay of the Day: Action Heroine Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite


Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite had the distinction of being a “damsel that didn’t suck.” Meaning, she’s not just a stand-around useless prop who you find in a castle at the end of the game, nor do you constantly have to beat away enemies trying to kill her. Rather, she tossed you health and ammo in battle, provided color commentary during the quieter moments, and was an all around likable gal.

And yet, the main character, Booker, was just another gun-toting grizzled white dude. What if it was actually Elizabeth who got to be the true hero, rather than a less-annoying-than-usual sidekick? Cosplayer Kristan Rocha crafted this excellent twist on her costume to find out. No more dresses here, and with the power of pants, hook gun and Amelia Earhart goggles, Elizabeth is ready for a leading role as a kick-ass action heroine. Check out more photos below:




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