Cosplay Highlights from Arizona Comic Con of 2012

Ladies and gentlemen!  We’ve got our first Comic Con of the year!   It took place over the last week and of all places, in Arizona.  It’s called the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and for those of us on the Northeast we were extremely jealous because the Cosplay outfits that required little clothing didn’t matter because the dessert weather was certainly warm enough to compensate.

Anyway, it was the usual with the outfits.  Some were great.  Some were so so.  And some were flat out awful.  Oh, and of course some were pretty sexy.

Below you’ll find 20 of our favorite pics.  Enjoy….

Thanks to David Ngo for the photos

  • Sideshow

    Jessica Nigri always finds a spot on these lists. lol

  • Bert

    Mmmmm, delicious dessert weather…

  • MajorTool

    Superman kind of looks like Glen Beck

  • mortualio

    the punished looks just like that dude from ghost adventures…zac bagan…

  • Doomsayer

    Love the little spiderman in the background of the venom pic

  • Jim Lahey


    I’m getting more of a Bill Simmons vibe from that guy.