Unreality T-Shirts are Here!


Because we thought you might like them, and I like to pretend I’m a graphic designer, we here at the site are proud to bring to you the latest must-have fashion accessory, Unreality t-shirts.

Nattyb set up the store over at Cafepress, and I crafted all the designs myself. They’re a series of images which I deem to be fairly “unreal” and thoroughly non-copyright infringing. I’m quite happy with the way they turned out, as I only made stuff that I myself would want to wear.

In addition to “Crest” which you can see above, I’ve posted the other five designs for the shirts below.  They’re available in pretty much any reasonable color (there’s a white version of each of these logos to go on color) and there are a bunch of different shirt styles to choose from. The more expensive they are, the higher the quality of the fit and fabric are, if you care about that sort of thing.

Check out big versions of each of the logos below. I’ll probably be making more designs in the future, which I will post when I come up with them. If you have any cool “unreal” images you’d want to see, let me know, and maybe I can craft a cool shirt out of it.









And if you’d like a little color in your  life, “Sun”


That’s all for now, head to the store, and stay tuned for more designs. And if you dig them, tell your friends! They don’t have to read the site to enjoy wearing awesome t-shirts. But then also make them read the site too…

  • JZ

    The first one was eh. The others are pretty cool. Nothing personal but I will never buy a tshirt of a website/blog. Does that make me uncool?

  • Nattyb

    Well from our perspective it sure as hell does! Just kidding JZ. To each their own.

  • give it a little more^^
    bit more contrast or something like that… within these pics is not the right one, where i say: that’s it!

    gimme the “that’s it”-t-shirt, then i’m totally in!

  • Lyndz

    Can I request a penguppy? Thats unreal… right?

  • Jason

    I like the designs.

  • Update: I made them pretty colors.

  • Bobby

    I’m seriously considering buying the “crest” but I want it fitted and the fitted only comes in white. While it’s still nice I would rather black or red or you know. Also great designs, If I didn’t know they were for this site I would think they were band shirts.

  • EvilBert

    Ok, no one sees the penis in the top picture? It’s right on the top center….that is a penis handled sword….

    I think he is f’n with us.

  • Scott

    Master Sword from Zelda? Oh well its pimp.

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