Classical Paintings Made from Thousands of Cartoon Doodles

One of my favorite types of art in this world is the kind of piece that is nothing like what it appears to be.   For example, some works of art might appear to look like something from on perspective but a completely different thing from another perspective.   This can be accomplished using shape, specific inks, lead, you name it.   The point is, the artist tricks the viewer and when we see how detailed the work is from up close we can see the skill involved in each piece.

When viewed from a distance, the works of Sagaki Keita may look like another attempt to recreate classical paintings and sculptures, but when you come closer, you start to notice that his drawings are all made of thousands of cartoon doodles. Tokyo-based artist draws in ink, usually with a 0.38mm pen, and, amazingly, all of his works are completely improvised without being drafted first.

Check out these amazing works by Keita after the jump

Pretty amazing stuff if you ask us….

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