Classic “When Fiction Becomes Reality” Pictures

Don’t you just love when this stuff happens?  I mean I love when I see someone on the street who looks like a friend of mine or a family member.  But when you can spot someone on the street who looks like  a cartoon or a video game character it’s definitely a bonus.

Check out these examples.   Some you might know and some are new.

They are classic. ….

Mario and Luigi

Carmen Sandiego

Meg Griffin

Simba and Nala

Andy, Woody, and Buzz

Timon and Pumbaa




Jessica Rabbit

Simba and Timon


  • Bert

    I believe I’ve seen that the name “Peter Griffin” was ‘shopped onto that pic. Looks like him though!

    And is it just me, or is the real photo of the Andy kid extremely “Polar Express”-style creepy?

  • Filosoraptor

    I have another one for Jessica Rabbit. She doesn’t have the purple gloves, but she is far more beautiful. Let me know what you think.

  • Brimby

    Yeah that Jessica Rabbit is a fail. A lot of the others are good tho.