Clearly Some Christina Hendricks Emmy Pictures were In Order

I must admit that I’m really not too big a fan of the Emmy Awards.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy watching television like the rest of us.  However, I don’t particularly care about award shows that admonish celebrities and their “accomplishments’ on television.  I’ve mentioned this about the Oscars and I feel the same way here.

However, if there’s one thing that made some noise on Sunday, it was most certainly Mrs. Christina Hendricks.  Good God.  I think we’re just gonna keep posting pictures of her until either A.  We’re told to stop or B.  She doesn’t exist anymore.   I just don’t see any other way we’ll quit with Hendricks.

Check out more of the purple dress after the jump….

  • Lagrange

    “I think we’re just gonna keep posting pictures of her until either A. We’re told to stop or B. She doesn’t exist anymore.”


  • Lin Gin

    I second the above “stop”; not because I don’t appreciate the womans’ beauty(I do), just that I’ve seen pretty much this exact. Same. Post, on every website I’ve been on today.

    Besides, when you’ve got about ten different websites(psh, obviously there’s a hell of alot more), basically running the same article concerning the same chick on the same day, with the base content of “BOOBIES BOOBIES!!!! Non-naked BOOBIES!!!!”, isn’t really doin’ much to alter the preconception of “virgins and the sexually repressed being the not so quiet majority on the internet”(obviously that’s not true, but then again, I didn’t say “fact”).

  • BoobLover

    I’ll go for option B. the other guys who voted A. must be the G word

  • Bless you my son, Bless you.

  • Delilah

    Can I vote for C? I’d still like to see her after she’s gone from existence, which will be a little less bright without her.

  • Jodie

    Even I can’t stop staring at her boobs and I’m a girl D:

  • Diiz

    Jodie your my hero