How 20 Celebrities Significantly Changed Through Time

A celebrity then and now post is nothing out of the ordinary.   But I have to say that I never get tired of these types of pictures.   For the same reason that you’ll always find it interesting to see a picture of your friend from 15 years ago compared to today, celebrities share that “I know that person” quality, hence keep an interest.

I tried to locate pictures that were perhaps a bit more “different” in the before and after meaning I thought there was significant change.

Check out these 20 celebs after the jump…

Winona Ryder

Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Manson

Christina Aguilera


Chris Tucker

Johnny Depp

Sean Lennon

Megan Fox

Jack Wachowski

Brad Pitt

Julia Roberts

George Clooney

Hugh Laurie

Nicolas Cage

Bruce Willis

Lady Gaga

Jean Claude Van Damme

Lindsay Lohan

Charlize Theron

  • DG

    megan fox is such an ugly whore

  • LimaZulu

    The Jean Claude picture is priceless!

  • Brad Pitt is Hipster Chewbacca

  • BOLT

    Pitt is a stud
    Clooney looked like a young Paul McCartney if he was a ginger or whatever is going on with his hair
    …and megan fox insists upon herself

  • Gabriel

    Van Damme is awesome, he still looks like a hardass as a kid.

  • Rob J

    Jean Claude looks hilarious! And since when did Chris Tucker put on so many pounds to his face?

  • Guy Incognito

    Nic Cage looks like David Schwimmer.

  • thegreatfatsby

    Man, some of these are priceless. It’s amazing how many of those people who would be considered sex symbols looked awkward as hell as kids.

    The best examples of this are Van Damme, Clooney and Fox.

    Funnily enough though, Theron actually doesn’t look like she has really changed that much over the years.

    The pictures of that walking freak show Lady Gaga will haunt my nightmares for months to come. And Bruce Willis’ hair is unreal.

  • Stu

    Winona Ryder? Yeah OK, she looks like a little girl Winona Ryder in that photo of her as a little girl, but she’d be a better example of someone who’s barely changed at all over time.

  • omg, Megan Fox was a BEAST.. she got bad though!

  • Rikard

    Nice with unibrow Megan, i know that bitch was ugly

  • Sara C.

    “Jack Wachowski?” What? You mean Larry/Lana?

    And apparently George Clooney was destined to look 40 years old for his entire life, which is why the look suits him so well now.

  • Ant2206

    Young Nicolas Cage = Current David Schwimmer.

  • Sean

    JCVD was a cute little kid!
    And Charlize was a hot nerd back then.

  • C

    Even with the scary Chewie beard, I’d still like to have my way with Brad.

  • Filthwizard

    Lohan just looks like she became a hooker…

  • Wite Boy

    chris tucker is slowly getting fatter and fatter xD
    and Jean Claude Van Damme as a kid looks like he could be your ass…

  • Ron

    Clarzie was a hipster before hipster was a word that hipsters didn’t use.

  • SharmotaShtegara

    Charlize Theron

  • Wachowski may have had a sex change, but the last two Matrix movies were as messed up as a hermaphrodite!

    Charlize Theron is the most timelessly beautiful in the roundup here.

    And the redneck unibrow on young Megan Fox will have me laughing for a long, long time whenever I see her. Simply hilarious!!

  • Scott

    Kristen Stewart was so much hotter before…