Celebrities as You’ve Never Seen them By Martin Schoeller

I can’t help but to sometimes read the “Celebrities:  They’re like us!” section in US Weekly from time to time.  Hell my wife gets it every week and I can’t help it.  I’m not ashamed.   I just think it’s funny that celebrities are put on such a perch that magazines actually highlight them doing “human” things.

If you take it a step further there are actually photographers out there who specialize photographing celebrities in unique situations as well as outfits.   Today I’ll be focusing on Martin Schoeller.

Here are some funny pictures that Schoeller took of some select celebrities…..

A Big thanks to Martin Schoeller for the photos

Jesse Eisenberg

P Diddy

Christian Bale

Jason Segel

Zach Galifianiakis

Daniel Radcliffe

Jack Black

  • Andy

    “Celebrities as You’ve Never Seen them By Martin Schoeller”

    …except that we have…


  • mortualio

    i noticed also but i didnt wanna be a dick and point it out to the guy who works his ass off to entertain us by finding things to read and enjoy every damn day because it doesnt happen all that often and i didnt wanna act like i dont pull shit like this at my job here and there also because sometimes you just need to

    *punctuation and other things left out because it was late and i needed to put my kids to bed and i didnt have time to be an eloquent ass so i just simplified and put some quick filler in there….

  • Ender88

    I thought it was funny. so good job sir.