10 Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Celebrity Cartoons

I don’t know about you guys but I take my look-alikes very seriously.   People throw around the “he/she looks just like” so and so line all the time and quite frankly it kind of pisses me off.  It’s like those people are trying way too hard to make something appear there that really isn’t.  And this is why we rarely do look-alike posts on this site.

It’s really out of sheer anger more than anything.  However, when I came across a gallery that contained over 50 pictures of celebrities that looked like cartoons I knew I was onto something.  At the same time I also know that I would have to slim it down so there was a bit of accuracy because as I suspected well more than half of the pictures were simply false.

These 10 photos, however, are about as close as you can get with celebrities looking like cartoons…..

 Rihanna and Woody Woodpecker

Celebrity Cartoons

Cleveland and Jesse Jackson

Celebrity Cartoons

Carrot Top and Lion O

Celebrity Cartoons

Dennis Franz and Carl

Celebrity Cartoons

Bob Hope and Glen Quagmire

Celebrity Cartoons

 Bill Murray(bearded only) and Papa Smurf

Celebrity Cartoons

Madonna and Skeletor

Celebrity Cartoons

John Clayton and Mr. Mackey

Celebrity Cartoons

Anderson Verajao and Sideshow Bob

Celebrity Cartoons

Heathcliff and James Gandolfini

Celebrity Cartoons

  • Yoshi

    Carrot Top needs to take it easy on the roids!

  • J5

    He uses roids as a prop, so it works out AND it’s a tax free work expense. Everybody wins……especially when he has his heart failure.

  • jaromir

    All good, IMO James Gandolfini always reminded me of “Sgt.Bullok” from B:TAS.

  • Ugo Strange

    Bob Hope and Quagmire ! Damn, that one threw me for a loop. Genius !

  • Hitsuke

    Might I recommend
    Carl Fredricksen from the movie UP and Spencer Tracy from the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

  • lol what about sarah jessica parker and the horse from ren and stipmy

  • jelly

    see lady gaga’s pic… biggest cartoon character


  • Fred

    Larry David looks like Mr Burns!

  • coolcrappystuff

    I saw carrot top in vegas and this guy is funny as hell! he has a rockin body but he mentioned in his act that that he has no hair on his body.. WHAT A FREAK! the only hair is on his head and eyebrows. he hates hair..lol. coolcrappystuff.com

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  • aaron

    Quagmire was actually modeled after Bob hope according to seth macfarlane

  • Kitkat

    Hey what about Linda Hunt and that chick of Mr incredibles (the one that makes the costumes for them)

  • Kenny Love

    LMAOOOO & Madonna hahahahahaha