15 Celebrities Caught Staring at You Know…

Caught Staring

It’s in most men’s nature.  From a very young age we are programmed to depend on a certain body part that women possess.  It’s a source of nourishment and later in life enjoyment.  So it’s no surprise that when I lady decides to reveal a little bit more up top that us dudes are going to take a quick peek.

It’s the way in which we peek that makes all the difference.  There’s an art to the stare.  You gotta be quick.  Almost like looking at the sun.  One gander and you’re on your way.

But man it must be tough as a celebrity huh?  These guys have cameras on them 24/7 so they’re bound to get caught with a stare at some point or another.

Here are 15 celebrities caught staring….

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

Caught Staring

  • john

    p-diddy 1 is so creepy hahaa

  • J5

    If I had a camera on me at most hours of the day I would have thousands of these….

  • chrystani

    What is Harry looking at? Her clavicle?

    Hermione is flat as a wall…

    (Yes I refered to them as their stage names)…

    And yes, the Diddy one is creepy.

  • Che Mistj

    What science says about this topic:

  • Henrik

    Justin Bieber looks bored with ladies alredy.

  • IcemanD

    @ J5: BIG +1 on that. I’m surprised there aren’t more of these.

  • Steve

    Bruce Willis staring at Halle Berry’s tits FTW.

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  • bloodandmetal

    the old dude is great ..i bet hes thinking if i was younger i wreck that..ha..and that bieber dush is not even looking at her boobs hes looking at her hair..i bet hes thinking oh my god i love her hair..fag..and beekam is classic…

    • Madison

      Love all the Bieber hate. Pretty sure he’s already seen more breasts than you have in your entire life.

  • bloodandmetal, that old dude is kirk douglas and that gal is his daughter in law catherine zeta jones.

  • come on guys we all knew this not real these pic are unreal hehehe anyway nice work this stuff is really shocking. those people already seen not only breasts they have seen much more than you have seen in your entire life. again i can this is a unique piece of work.

  • They are also humans…. its human instinct..

  • It’s funny, but it’s not unnatural. Women dress up this way and are actually inviting such situations to happen. I guess, their efforts are actually wasted when none of these happen. LOL! Bruce really stretched a lot of facial muscles there.

  • I bet justin’s not staring at the girl’s boobs.

  • that is natural

  • jeni

    Justin is a cute boy.. he doesnt seem to be staring at anything..

  • Nitin

    tey r just humans…..so it is not unusual

  • Phredd

    To chrystani, maybe “Harry” likes girls with a smaller chest size. I know it doesn’t particularly bother me what their size is. Nothing wrong with that. And actually, “Hermione” is not flat as a wall. Some of her photos show that she has plenty.

  • no…no…Becks didn’t do that

  • there is no harm at all to see if it is really amazing, eye catching and nourishing

  • zME

    The majority of these are women with their tits hanging out anyway, where else is there to be looking?

  • Everyone including you and me also does the same if we get the chance…Keeping the hot bombs just near and where you want to listen up then???

  • fembal

    now that is nice

  • that’s something realy cool

  • wonderfull collection…..
    i loved the harry potter pic

  • anand

    its human being error to see ladies parts of body.

  • shajith

    it is quite natural to stare at those found beautiful in ones eye and it is unnatural if you are not responding to your instinct

  • shri

    these person are like big ass

  • luna

    dam beiberboy aint ur ideal now b**ches!!

  • Hiren Pattni

    Hey..God has given eyes to see and women wears clothes so that they show this body, and so who ever it may be automatically eyes go ther……It is not men’s mistake…….Thus what ever happens in society, women who wear this type of clothes are responsible for that……Well v r losing our culture. I have no more words………..

  • Camera man is one right position and right time.

  • the beiber boys pic is photoshoped.. it got layers 😛 its quite a gud work though lol

  • TooFunny

    How can Beiber even be looking at her breasts? He is sitting BEHIND her; it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look at the front of someone that is facing away from you.

    He was looking at her hair…F@g.

  • wow

    some of these don’t even look legit
    haha cool I wasn’t expecting the Jonas Brothers. that is why some fans call Nick the boob hunter XD
    no but seriously I’m not sure about that one either because Nick is known to be sometimes somewhat socially awkward so he’s probly just off in his own world. that’s kinda what it looks like to me

  • sandy

    name a person who dont see those things when they come nearer(be frank yar)………………

  • raj

    sexy photos yar……….

  • nn


  • satinder wadala

    it is human nature, aman can not stop him if he ll see somthing beautiful of a lady. these are realy good photos to see.

  • cannot let go a yummy WOWBOOTY treat!!!

  • David, that girl is much beautiful than Victoria !!!

  • It is the woman body part one has interruction immediately aftre birth and coul’d came out of it whold life.
    If an infent see these big big and beautiful things he will be cried with the hungriness defenately