Caption This Picture: Emma Watson’s Surprise

I’m very curious what’s going to happen to Emma Watson once the Harry Potter saga comes to and end.  I think Radcliffe should be fine.   That Rupert guy will disappear the moment the final movie comes out.

But what about Emma?  I think she’ll be fine.  She’s just way too good looking to not land some sort of gig.  If anything she can do Revlon ads and what not.   Still, I’d like to see her in movies and preferably with little clothes on.

Anyway, what do you think is going on in this photo?

  • Wes

    She became real interested when I said to her, what has 64 teeth and keeps a monster behind it? My Zip! 😉

  • Jeremy

    Suprise invisible BJ!!

  • Grizzy

    She just saw the teaser poster for Breaking Dawn, which has her name down to play Bella to attract more viewers.

  • abba

    Penis goes where?

  • After nearly 10 years of working with them, she finally found out Radcliffe and Grint were actually gay when she turned around to see them making out on the red carpet.

  • Sverrir Sigfússon
  • Ryan

    “You’re cock really is huge, but lucky for us both, I think it’ll still fit!”

  • we definitely needed a non-penis related comment stipulation for this one.

  • Sideshow
  • newBlazingAngel

    What do you mean im not really a witch? Of course I am! You must be a death eater in disguise!

  • Freelance Spy

    “When I said show me your wand, I meant literally show me your wand. NOT SHOW ME YOUR WAND YOU PERV!!!”

  • Freelance Spy

    “What do you mean I’ll look ridiculous if I cut off all my hair?”

  • J5

    8 films was the deal! No more! No more!

  • Levance

    someone just showed her the pics of her double nip slip


  • Jonathan

    Butterbeer is made from what?!?!?

  • Malfoy

    You’re just a filthy Mudblood.

  • newBlazingAngel

    Ron our romance is only in the MOVIE!

  • will

    someone just told her the next harry potter movie sucks… hahaha – evil laughs …