There’s a Calvin in All of Us


Without a doubt, the best photo project I’ve seen in a long time.

Speaking of a long time, I really miss Calvin and Hobbes, the newspaper comics haven’t been worth reading since. Have you seen the kind of crap that’s on the front page these days? Get Fuzzy? Really? This is why I read Toothpaste for Dinner and XKCD now.

  • Madison

    I miss C&H, too. How long can one read about Garfield loving lasagna? Ugh.

  • you are welcome.

    the one where he is standing in the rain, talking about his dream is the best.

  • SoP

    are you kidding? Get Fuzzy is amazing. Calvin was better, and the majority of the comics section is crap, but at least we still have Get Fuzzy, Dilbert, and fox trot on the weekends to tide us by.

  • Joseph

    XKCD is horribly overrated. Pretentious and obscure references do not equate to quality.

  • J Rich

    My kid will definitely be doing this as soon as they are old enough to pose.

    Great idea and great photos.

  • Nik

    Don’t you hate it when Asians try to be white.

  • Wes

    ^There are Asian Americans too Nik the prick.

  • dodoman1

    @Wes: “American” doesn’t mean “white”.

    Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic of all time and shall never be replaced. It shows what it means to be a child in the purest, most truthful way. I have all the collections of it. Also, Get Fuzzy is pretty funny in its own way, although the best newspaper comic in print today is Frazz. Look it up if you’ve never heard of it.

  • I knew Calvin & Hobbes was funny even before I understood half the stuff that Calvin said. Bill Watterson was/is the greatest comic artist ever. Fantastic writing and even more fantastic drawing (when he felt like it).

  • Stevo

    I did this same thing as a gif back when I was 36 years old. It’s fun for all ages.