Calvin and Hobbes: Secret Agents

It’s been years now since Calvin was a little kid playing with a stuffed tiger. Since he’s been gone, ever wonder what he might be up to now?

Artist kizer180 did, and decided that he would probably grow up to be a secret agent with a tiger as backup. That’s created this pair of pieces showing what that might look like in action.

It may be a touch ridiculous, but I’ll be damned if I totally wouldn’t watch this TV show.

  • Exyle

    Fuckin awesome

  • MetFanMac

    There’s an older fanart in a similar vein which I found a couple of years back (C&H as private investigators):

    The artist also has a cute followup showing Hobbes greeting Calvin at the door same way as ever… 🙂

  • Shade

    So what does that make Susie? The ambitious yet beautiful counter agent?

  • catt

    totally want to read this or watch it