A Collection of Brutal Photoshop Mistakes

Wow, how about that before stomach?

The power of Photoshop has come a long way.   I mean I thought it just used to be used for touch ups and what not.  It seems as though the program has simply dominated the media.  It’s used in magazines you would never ever think use it.

And to this day, for whatever reason, with all this technology there are still some pretty big mistakes being made.

Check out these 11 for example….

Um, whose hand is that?

Thin Waistline thin enough?

Right Eye

Um, does this cereal change your skin?

Nice Legs

Hmm. No head

Missing Finger

She’s going to eat her friend


Bionic Arm?

How many hands?


  1. John D. October 14, 2010
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  5. FleXz October 15, 2010

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