Browser Wars

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I saw this picture over the weekend, and though it’s not specifically entertainment related, it does have a lot to do with my job, as I’m shifting through browsers on a daily basis to write a bunch of stuff.

This is generally pretty accurate, as I have used IE exactly once ever, to download Firefox. Then I used Firefox to download Google Chrome.

I prefer Chrome overall, as it’s fast and tab dragging is effortless and smooth. But it has an issue that has existed since its inception that you CAN’T MANUALLY RESIZE IMAGES IN WORDPRESS. Since pretty much everything I write is in WordPress, this is a pretty big issue. Like, when I put a picture up and it’s too small or big, I can’t grab the corner to shrink and enlarge. There are no corners. Seems like a two second fix, but one that is apparently never coming.

I also use Firefox simply for another set of bookmarks, as my Chrome ones are pretty maxed out. I have to keep tabs on a LOT of sites for what I do.

  • Jim Jahey

    I haven’t used IE since freshman year of high school way back in 2000. Firefox is awesome, though it is also a resource hog. The main reason i use chrome now is for projects and work, because each tab uses up half the memory that firefox does. Not a big deal with a few tabs open, but a dozen tabs only take up 150 MB of RAM instead of 300 MB in firefox.

  • I’m with you.. I use firefox at work, as I am a blogger too. I also don’t like the fact that some of my most-used plugins are not available on chrome. I’d use chrome all the time if it weren’t for those problemos.

  • Sylkmatic

    What is IE…lol…I love chrome I wish they would make the Android browser more like chrome.

  • Sylkmatic

    and poor Opera…gets no love.

  • Korky

    You use bookmarks to keep tabs on pages?

    Why don’t you just use google reader?

    Sheesh. Bookmarks?

  • Anonymous

    I lost it when I saw Internet Explorer sitting in the back eating glue.

  • BobaFett

    Opera = better than them all…

  • Ninjamonkeyz

    I use Comodo Dragon… It is a spin-off of Chrome but works alot better imo, and alot less of a resource hog than firefox, and also takes most or all of the same extensions that chrome and firefox take.. and is said to be one of the most secure browsers out now. Its all a matter of preference.. If they would fix firefox to where it didn’t use 200,000+ mbs of ram just to check my email, i would go back to it and never look back at any others.

  • Ninjamonkeyz

    @BobaFett, I use Opera’s mobile browser, the full page browsing that makes it where i can see the whole page, and smooth/fast navigation and zoom feature are some of the perks … and i Absolutely Love It for that, and it works on almost every mobile phone, except for a few.

  • Mr. Right

    Chrome > Firefox

  • Amy

    My parents have been using IE since day one, and I’ve told them before that their internet would go much faster (as would ours at work however we’re not allowed to use anything else but IE 7 OMG) if they would use Chrome. They live out in the boonies and are on satellite that sucks balls anyway, so they didn’t believe me. Finally, mom tells me they downloaded Firefox and now they have internet, basically. Woop!