The Fifteen Best Pictures of Kim Kardashian

In what is becoming a popular post on this website, Paul and I like to appreciate some of the sexier and more beautiful ladies who are in the spotlight more often than not.   Today we’re going to focus on one of my favorites:  Kim Kardashian.

While she doesn’t act or anything like that, you kind of have to appreciate the brand that is Kim K.  I mean sure, people complain that females like she and Paris Hilton get all this money for doing nothing, which is kind of true.  However, you don’t just build a brand like that from nothing.

Kardashian is definitely someone to be respected, not to mention reviled by slobbering guys like you and me.  Here are 15 of what I would consider Kardashian’s best shots….

The Red Caboose

Twitter Absolutely Rules

When She Debuted Her Weight Loss

Best Birthday Cake Ever

Just all Around Beautiful

Early in her Career, This got Her Going

Classy, Kind Of

Best. Costume. Ever.


When She Went Blond and Debuted it on Twitter

Family Fun


Luckiest Dog Ever

Admit it, she’s awesome for posting this

Admit, She’s Awesome for posting this too!