Best Parents Ever = Real Life Angry Birds

Someday I imagine me being a pretty good parent to my kids (I don’t currently have any FYI), and chances are my parenting style will have a bit of geek flair to it. Even I however, don’t think I could manage something as awesome as these parents pulled off for their kid.

For Halloween, they set up a real life Angry Birds game for their son, complete with costumes, painted pumpkins and a pyramid of unstable wood. There’s a full gallery showing all the different pieces, and it’s¬†seriously¬†impressive stuff. You had better freaking treasure this forever kid, almost no one has parents as awesome as you.

Check out the rest of the set-up below:

  • JZ

    they have a sun?

  • Ricky

    I wonder if they shot the pumpkin birds at it before putting it away, I know I would have! Also I tried finding your email address around here to send you something but had no luck, I just saw this today, top gun twins in their jet wagon

  • carlip

    that dad totally has a midget face… like mickey from seinfeild…

  • defeated

    HEs to good for HER! lmao