Are These the Best Bathing Suits Ever?

It’s quite conceivable that we’ve reached the mecca of bathing suits.  Never in my life did I actually think we’d ever come across a Star Wars themed one piece bathing suit.

Man there are some pretty sick fetishists out there wouldn’t you say?  “Just wait honey, I’m getting out the C-3PO one piece, you’re gonna love it.”

Check out r2 after the jump….

  • Jake

    Hot girl, but man, she has zero ass.

  • ive never wanted to see r2d2 and c3po make out so bad.

  • Drester

    Horrible ass…

    You should check out the unofficial tattoo chick with the R2D2 suit. She’s hot.

  • Mutant Turd

    I agree with Drester. No ass whatsoever. Also, I am seriously in love with the tattooed chick that posed in the R2 suit. Super hot.

  • Drester

    I can’t even post a link to an Unreality page?

  • kryzchek

    My girlfriend asked me to get her one for Xmas, so I got her the R2-D2 one. Yes, it’s hot, but for the ~$100 it costs, it’s not that well made.

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