15 Beautiful Celebrities Posing in the Grass

There are many sites out there that pride themselves on being able to find pictures of girls doing certain things:  we are not one of them.  Sure it’s nice to see women taking body shots or wearing a man’s tie but we’ll leave that to the hounds out there.

However, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate beauty when we see it.   And recently I saw a great batch of pictures of celebrities posing in the lovely green grass.

Here are my favorite 15…..

Thanks to Listal’s master list of 25 for these 15.

  • fgh

    fap fap

  • Alex

    Nice but why didn’t you include the names?

  • Henrik

    Well, hello ladies…

  • JoeandMarysOtherSon


  • Absolutely lousy picture quality of those pictures are very low and nothing special in those girls. 2 out of 5.