Batman’s Thoughts on Gun Control

No need for a lengthy political debate regarding Thursday’s tragic shootings in Colorado (which can be summed up with the equally unrealistic “No one should have guns” or “Everyone should have guns”), but I did find this image timely as it was passed around the internet this weekend, and he echoed similar thoughts in The Dark Knight Rises.

Thoughts are with the victims and their families.

  • Jesus Morales

    If I was Batman I wouldn’t need guns either. Unfortunately, I’m not 😛

  • jediguy

    Agreed, I’m not a billionaire super hero so I think I’ll hold on to my guns for now.

  • Lou

    C’mon guys….it’s just a metaphor about gun violence…

  • carlip

    That movie must have been to die for. I saw a few clips and really ruined the film. Everyone was blown away at the end.

  • Ryan

    The Dark Knight Returns also includes a scene of a crazy person shooting up a theater.

  • Sam

    Carlip, you’re a classless son of a bitch. Go to hell.

  • Tom

    Sure, if I had a watchtower orbiting earth with a lazer pointing down, I wouldn’t need guns either.