Batman Would Not Be Happy About This

I’d like to point out a couple of things here other than the obvious.  The obvious being what woman in the entire world would get turned on by this?  The non obvious are the following:

What is this guy going to think when he looks in the mirror in his 60s? (then again he won’t live that long)

He kind of has man boobs right now so I assume that in the near future that emblem won’t look the same.

Can you see he’s got it on his belt too?

We need captions!

  • Carl

    Billy Idol loses it in his later years.

  • Ryan Lorence

    I’m hit by a little caped crusader overkill here. He’s got to make a choice between the buckle or an open cut shirt. For all of our sakes I’ll push for the former. Is that Joe Lo Truglio on his right? I must still be asleep in the back car of the vodka train I rode last night.

  • Jackson Briggs

    The Bat symbol on his chest features extra points on it. Is he telling us he’s a fan of the Tim Burton original and nothing else?

    Also the guy next to him looks like Joe Lo Truglio, the guy who was going to by the kids beer in SUperbad.

  • J5

    Oh, Bro, so then I like, asked her if she wanted to see my batsuit with nipples and I was like “Pow!” & ripped my shirt open. She totally digs my nipple suit, brah.

  • J5

    All the bro-y bro-ness aside, I like how he has the product placement going with the coors bottle.

  • Frank C.

    dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada…BAT-DOOOOOUCHE…BAT DOOOOOOUCHE!!!!

  • crigs

    I’m mad at the fact that he’s sporting a Batman tattoo on his chest yet this is entirely the type of activity that Batman does not engage in. This is the opposite of discipline, training (both mental and physical) and in other regards, just not the core goals and mindset that Batman has in mine. I’m sorry but if you’re going to have a Batman tattoo, especially one like that on the center of your chest, at least have it mean something more than, “Yeah, he’s cool, bro”.

  • Jim Lahey

    Someone needs to send this picture to all the cast members of Jersey Shore. Show them what they’ll look like in 20 years, especially if they all go Pauly D style and fake bake every day.

    What’s the trashiest thing about this photo? Is is the dangly earring on a guy? The zip up shirt that might as well not have a zipper? The Batman belt buckle? The batman tattoo? The conspicuous Coors Light product placement bottle? The spiked, platinum-bleach-blonde hair? The 20 years spent in a tanning booth? Those super skinny don’t-do-anything-except-put-a-dark-line-across-my-face sunglasses? His clearly manicured and tweezed eyebrows? The list goes on, but this has to be the biggest piece of Jersey trash I’ve ever seen.

  • Bert

    “…yet this is entirely the type of activity that Batman does not engage in.”

    No kidding. The JLA would never let him live it down if they caught him drinking a Coors Light.

  • Dizzyg

    Looks like Tito Ortiz Finally caught the HIV.

    It is bad enough to be that big a douche but the Coors light caps it. This is what Darwin was refering to. We need to start thinning out the heard. I know the perfect place to start. This dude might not be gay, but he has at least held it in his mouth till the swelling went down.

  • whosjohndonut

    he lives in austin, ive seen him while visiting in austin texas

    • Yedmundi II

      I’m soooooo sorry.

  • Perhaps the girls of Jersey Shore would be turned on by him… can’t imagine any sane woman being turned on, though.

  • Alex

    Brahtman and Brobin

  • Yedmundi II

    I know this guy. His name is Daryl , but in public he goes by Batman. I went to high school with him.

    You ask what he will look like when he is 60… Well, he’s 54 now, so we don’t have long to wait. So what does this guy think? “Fast drugs and fast girls… what else matters?” Austin has a never ending rave scene, as well as regular events that draw people in from afar… that is what Batman lives for. It’s all about drugs and girls and acting like he’s batshi- cray-cray.

    As for “if he lives that long”, I’m pretty sure he is immortal, and has already had dozens of death experiences. We figured he would die before he hit 20… He didn’t. Between the bullet holes in his car from police shooting at him, to the rounds of IV drugs, the constant criminal activity to fund his speed addiction, the list goes on and on… This guy was a train wreck at 16… and here we are 40 years later and the wreck just continues.